How you can help

Play for Ukraine

We encourage you to express your support for Ukraine. The more people become aware, get involved, spread the word and donate, the faster we can get back to doing what we love: playing flying disc sports.

The world is helping Ukraine a lot. And we, Ukrainians, appreciate the help very much! Thanks to this support, Ukraine has been able to withstand the aggression and many lives have been saved.

Still, the more awareness we raise, and the more people follow your example, the faster we will get to victory and peace, and the faster we will rebuild our country.

Here are some actions you can take to express your support 👇

As an individual:

1. Share this website with your personal message about the campaign, the war, and Ukrainian needs.

2. Put on a bracelet with blue and yellow stripes (we give these for donations at selected events, and you are also welcome to use your own).

3. Buy and wear the campaign gear, and get yourself a disc with the PLAY FOR UKRAINE logo (currently available to buy at selected events in Europe).

4. Donate to the charitable foundations we trust and recommend.

As a club or event:


1. Share the campaign on social media. You are welcome to use our templates and create your own content (e.g. video messages, photos of the merch at your event etc.)
[Sabe A Mixta, RigaRudens, Igloo & Igloo, CFC, Paganello23 and Paganello23 video.]

2. Place our logo on your website with a link to this website.

3. Add information about the campaign to your newsletter.

4. Play the campaign’s video between live streams of the games.
[EUIC 2022 video as an example.]

On-site support

With online and offline announcements of the options to event participants:

1. Place a printed poster with a QR code and a donation box.

2. Provide a space to sell the campaign merch (bracelets, discs etc.), with profits donated to humanitarian and medical aid.

3. Include the campaign merch or printed assets in the player packs (we can provide stickers etc.).

4. Introduce your own activities to stimulate donations. All creative ideas are welcome!

See examples of how others have supported the campaign:

Ready to collaborate? Let’s get in touch:

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